Advantages Of Platinum Rings For Men

Platinum RingsWedding rings are something very special for both men and women. However, most wedding ring advert focuses on attracting the women. Men too have plenty of options, when it comes to choosing a wedding ring. Off late, platinum rings for men have become very popular due to various reasons. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of platinum rings. If you like to know about the dresses and rings used in celebrity weddings, you may just visit

What makes the platinum rings more special is the metal itself. The fact is that about 7 to 12 tons of mineral ore should be used to extract just an ounce of platinum. This makes the platinum is very rare when compared with other metals. This is the reason why the platinum is very expensive and only used by the rich people during the special occasion. Wearing a platinum ring allow you pride your esteem and makes your wedding more special.

The weight of the platinum metal is substantial as its specific gravity is 21.4, which is higher than of gold (19.3). The heavier feel makes the men feel the presence of this ring more.

The platinum metal has a brilliant white color that makes the metal more attractive and elite. This metal does not require rhodium plating like white gold. The natural and consistent radiating white color adds more exclusiveness to the men’s look. Stones like diamond and other gemstones go well with this amazing metal.

Platinum metal is more thicker than gold, making the former stronger against wear and tear. The excellent strength makes the metal more preferable choice for men, who tend to be more rough and tough. The superior strength makes the platinum ring more long lasting, thereby giving more value to the money. Moreover, the strength factor makes the metal easier to hold the gemstones.

Platinum is an inert metal, means they do not react to various elements like other metals. Moreover, the platinum metal created for rings are highly unadulterated, thereby making it safe for skin. This metal is highly hypoallergenic and hence they do not cause skin allergies and rashes. Men’s platinum ring responds to the sweat in a negative way, thereby preventing the possibilities of hypersensitive response.

Unlike other metals, the platinum is difficult to scratch because of its higher density. Moreover, the scratch only causes the relocation of the metal mass and hence there is no loss of the metal.

Nowadays, there are many jewelry shops, where you could find amazing varieties of men’s platinum wedding rings. You can also find various online destinations for shopping the rings. You should be more thoughtful when shopping the rings online. Always choose a reputable online store for shopping the platinum rings.

There are plenty of advantages in shopping the rings online. First, you will be able to access more options than a typical brick and mortar stores. The online stores can show a huge variety, leaving you simply overwhelmed. It is better to ensure that the online store that you want to order offer a safe shipping and guarantee for their products.

An Expert’s Guide On City Hall Weddings


The elaborate architecture coupled with the natural lighting that seeps through the hallways makes San Francisco City Hall a popular wedding destination. Whether you are having a private ceremony or eloping with your partner in crime, go through the San Francisco City Hall wedding guide for a smooth wedding experience. Get inspired by the wedding photos on and add the glitz to your big day.

Here are few things that you should know if San Francisco City Hall is your next destination.

1. Marriage License
Before you exchange vows, you have to obtain a marriage license. If you reside locally, pick your license few days in advance or if you reside out of the country, come over to the City Hall and take your wedding license a day before the wedding.

If your schedule does not permit frequent flying, you can obtain the license on the day of your wedding. Remember to schedule an appointment an hour before the ceremony so you do not keep your bride waiting.

It is easier to get an appointment for the marriage license than fixing a schedule for the wedding ceremony. A good idea would be to book the wedding ceremony first and collect the license.

2. The marriage ceremony
City Hall weddings are different from the ones conducted in churches or beaches. Check in an hour before your wedding is scheduled to take place. Wait in the hall after you get your number. Later, you can meet the judge who will conduct your wedding.

In the judge’s office, one witness and a photographer is permitted. Do not bring along an entourage of guests inside the room. Once the license is signed by the judge, you have to wait for the actual ceremony to start.

It is noticed that most of the weddings are performed in the rotunda owing to its sheer beauty and magnificence. Depending on the judge, you might be assigned another spot or area in the building.

The ceremony lasts for 45 minutes to an hour, and do not be disappointed if they do not tell you to kiss the bride.

3. Private Ceremonies
If you choose a private ceremony, it is best to reserve the Mayor’s Balcony or any of the opulent galleries on the fourth floor. Couples prefer the North gallery due to the natural lighting. Space is available for an hour and a maximum of 100 guests can be part of the wedding ceremony.

You have the freedom to hire musicians, exchange vows at your pace, and even plant a kiss on the bride’s cheek. These ceremonies are private when compared to civil ceremonies, which does not last more than 10 minutes.

4. Reaching The Venue
If you are new to San Francisco, here are some of the ways you can reach the destination.
· Drive Along
Parking options, traffic, and time delays are few things you must consider if you are driving by yourself. Since the parking lots can get full by afternoon, you must either plan your schedule accordingly or look for alternate travel options.
· Rent A Car
There are numerous car services that you can make use of. Hire a driver who will drive you to the destination. You do not have to sweat about the traffic woes or parking problems

You might not be able to hear the wedding bells ring, but the breathtaking beauty and the rich history of the City hall is enough to make this one of life’s finest moments.

Wedding Dress Details That You Need To Focus On

Right-Wedding-GownChoosing the best wedding dress for you is one of the most time consuming and important part of the wedding plan. When you are looking for the dream wedding dress, you might have got an idea of the specific style of dress that you want. But, the style is not the only aspect that you need to focus on. In addition to the wedding dress’ style, there are many other details that need your focus to make your wedding dress a special one.

Take A Look At the Dress Details

Here are some details that will make your wedding dress look gorgeous and leave no stone unturned towards you.

Lace: The lace is a staple when it comes to wedding fashion for ages. It’s romantic and delicate nature makes it a material that is everlasting. Due to its versatility, lace can be easily incorporated into any part of the wedding dress. It can be used to give you a modest or a sexy look as per your desire.

Mori-Lee-Bridal-2014-Wedding-Dress-Collection-Style-1962-Crystal-Beaded-embroidery-on-net-overlaying-lustrous-satin-front-and-backSequins: The sequins are ideal for you if you are a bride who wants to add some sparkle to your dress. You can create a subtle effect with light coloured small sequins. On the other hand, you can make a bold statement with dark coloured large sequins. On the whole, it is perfect for you if you have a dazzling personality.

Plunging Neckline: Being the best red carpet look, the plunging neck trend that is a favourite one for the celebrities has made its way into the bridal fashion lately. It can be teamed up with long sleeves to give a seductive and elegant look or with thin or no straps to give a sexy appeal.

Backless: These days, backless gowns are highly popular, especially for the beach and summertime weddings. Expose some little extra skin by wearing a dress with a keyhole back or show off your gorgeous back with a completely backless dress.

Splash of Colour: One of the most recent wedding trends is breaking away from the customary white gown with a splash of colour. It is your choice to choose a fully coloured dress or just a hint of colour along with white to add a fun twist to your wedding dress.

Mori-Lee-2014-Bridal-Gowns-CollectionackIntricate Back: The lace, ribbon, sequins, beads, and buttons are beautiful additions to the wedding dress. These elements look pretty stunning when these are used to add a detailed and intricate back to your wedding gown. Such a wedding dress with intricate back will give a romantic and glamorous look to you.

High Leg Slit: If you want to wear a traditional dress of floor length but still want to expose your gorgeous and slender legs, you must opt for a high leg slit wedding dress. It will give a modern bridal look to you as it will give a fashion forward look.

Beading: Beads are a versatile and pretty detail that can be added to your wedding gown. You can emphasise your bust using a beaded bodice or grab attention to your back using beaded waist and straps. The beaded necklaces can be draped over your shoulders to make it a beautiful addition.

Apart from these details, there are others such as corset lacing, cutouts, pearls, short hemline, ruffles, and gloves that will also make your dress look stunning on your D-day.

Buying Mens Suits in the UK

Many women seem to take to clothes shopping as if born to it. With an instinctive sense of style and a desire to look their best at all times, they have no need to search for fashion tips online. Men, on the other hand, are a different animal altogether. I don’t say this in order to provoke a reaction from politically correct men and women of the 21st century but rather to let my fellow men know that there is no shame in being sartorially challenged. I have learned a lot about buying suits over the last few years and I wanted to share my knowledge with other men who may sometimes find it difficult to buy clothes for themselves

Buying Mens Suits in Exeter and Elsewhere

As a citizen of the South West, my experiences of buying suits are limited to this part of the country but I have no doubt that wherever you happen to reside in this fair isle of ours, you will find my tips useful.

1. Pay More for Bespoke Suits – My first and most important tip to you is to forget about off-the-peg suits and focus on local tailors instead. Tailored suits may cost a fair bit more than their off-the-peg counterparts but the extra expense is well worth it. Made-to-measure clothing flatters the wearer in a way that mass produced garments never will.

2. Don’t Be Too Flamboyant – While it may be tempting to choose a brightly coloured material for your next suit, in an attempt to break free from the conservative restraints that you perceive to be holding you back as far as making a fashion statement at work is concerned, this will almost certainly turn out to be a big mistake. Flamboyancy should be reserved for outfits you wear once or twice a year at informal social occasions, not for the clothing you wear to work on a daily basis.

3. Be Patient – If you are not impressed with the materials or designs you are offered at the first shop you visit, try another one. It takes time to find a tailor that can understand and cater to your tastes.

If you are shopping for mens suits in Exeter, as I often am, I can assure you that there are a number of excellent tailors in the city so do not give up hope if you experience disappointment at first.

Tips To Choose The Bridesmaids Dresses

1130571701When it comes to wedding planning, you need to first focus on your wedding dress. Once you are done with choosing your wedding gown and the bridal hairstyle that would make you look perfect, you need to move on to choose the dresses that the bridesmaids will wear. If you are a bit confused on what exactly to choose for them, you will find help here. This content offers some tips on how the brides can choose the bridesmaids dresses so that they would enjoy a lovely and pretty following during the wedding.

Basics to Choose Bridesmaids Dresses

color-paletteBefore you go to the tips on how to choose the best bridesmaids dresses, there are some things that you should consider first. The first thing is to decide how you would like your entourage to look on your wedding. Earlier, the brides have chosen not-so-flattering and frumpy dresses for the bridesmaids as they did not want the latter to outshine them on their big day. Now, there is no need to do this as there is a wide collection of elegant dresses for the bridesmaids that will suit the theme of your wedding without outshining you.

Keep in mind that each bridesmaid has a unique body type, height and build. For instance, the maid of honour might be a lithe and tall woman and one of the bridesmaids might be petite. In such a case, how will you coordinate their looks on the day of your wedding?

Plan A Coordinated Look And Not A Uniform One

You can follow a rule of thumb while choosing the bridesmaids dresses. Well, the rule is the bridesmaids need not look uniform but they should be coordinated. Going with the above mentioned example, the tall maid of honour and the petite bridesmaid will have different body types. Instead of selecting same dresses for them, you can make one wear a strapless dress and the other might be given a different style of dress. You can coordinate their look by giving them dresses of the same material.

tips-for-choosing-perfect-bridesmaids-dresses-3The bridesmaids need not wear exactly the same garment as they are not robots. You can make them wear different styles of bridesmaid dresses as per their body type. You can give a coordinated look to them by choosing the same material for their dresses. Even they might thank you later as you did not insist them to wear the same dress on your wedding day.

Reusing the Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Is it always that the bridesmaids’ dresses should be designed or chosen only with the intention of wearing it on your wedding day? The other wonderful idea is to choose the dresses that can be used by them again. This is an emerging trend that the brides these days are shopping for a cocktail dress or sundress for the bridesmaids that have coordinating styles. If you purchase a dress that can be worn for other occasions apart from your wedding, the dress will have a double purpose. Choosing the right bridesmaids outfits is related to the theme of your wedding, so you should consider the theme of the wedding and the personality and body type of the bridesmaids as well. This way, you can choose the ideal bridesmaid dresses and team it up with perfect hairstyle so that you can have a picture perfect wedding.