Tips To Choose The Bridesmaids Dresses

1130571701When it comes to wedding planning, you need to first focus on your wedding dress. Once you are done with choosing your wedding gown and the bridal hairstyle that would make you look perfect, you need to move on to choose the dresses that the bridesmaids will wear. If you are a bit confused on what exactly to choose for them, you will find help here. This content offers some tips on how the brides can choose the bridesmaids dresses so that they would enjoy a lovely and pretty following during the wedding.

Basics to Choose Bridesmaids Dresses

color-paletteBefore you go to the tips on how to choose the best bridesmaids dresses, there are some things that you should consider first. The first thing is to decide how you would like your entourage to look on your wedding. Earlier, the brides have chosen not-so-flattering and frumpy dresses for the bridesmaids as they did not want the latter to outshine them on their big day. Now, there is no need to do this as there is a wide collection of elegant dresses for the bridesmaids that will suit the theme of your wedding without outshining you.

Keep in mind that each bridesmaid has a unique body type, height and build. For instance, the maid of honour might be a lithe and tall woman and one of the bridesmaids might be petite. In such a case, how will you coordinate their looks on the day of your wedding?

Plan A Coordinated Look And Not A Uniform One

You can follow a rule of thumb while choosing the bridesmaids dresses. Well, the rule is the bridesmaids need not look uniform but they should be coordinated. Going with the above mentioned example, the tall maid of honour and the petite bridesmaid will have different body types. Instead of selecting same dresses for them, you can make one wear a strapless dress and the other might be given a different style of dress. You can coordinate their look by giving them dresses of the same material.

tips-for-choosing-perfect-bridesmaids-dresses-3The bridesmaids need not wear exactly the same garment as they are not robots. You can make them wear different styles of bridesmaid dresses as per their body type. You can give a coordinated look to them by choosing the same material for their dresses. Even they might thank you later as you did not insist them to wear the same dress on your wedding day.

Reusing the Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Is it always that the bridesmaids’ dresses should be designed or chosen only with the intention of wearing it on your wedding day? The other wonderful idea is to choose the dresses that can be used by them again. This is an emerging trend that the brides these days are shopping for a cocktail dress or sundress for the bridesmaids that have coordinating styles. If you purchase a dress that can be worn for other occasions apart from your wedding, the dress will have a double purpose. Choosing the right bridesmaids outfits is related to the theme of your wedding, so you should consider the theme of the wedding and the personality and body type of the bridesmaids as well. This way, you can choose the ideal bridesmaid dresses and team it up with perfect hairstyle so that you can have a picture perfect wedding.